Archies Orthotic Thongs were designed by Australian physiotherapist Daniel Jones.

Despite his best attempts to advise his patients to wear more supportive footwear, it would almost always be ignored, as let’s face it, thongs are a way of life in Australia!

Podiatrists in particular are finding that Archies Thongs are perfect for their patients when they are not wearing their orthotics, giving their patients a break from their shoes and some much-needed fresh air while still giving them substantial support.

As such, the thongs have been extremely popular with many of Australia’s Elite Athletes and leading Health and Fitness Experts.

With up to 2.2cm of orthotic support, Archies Thongs incorporate the same amount of support that you would find from an ‘off the shelf’ orthotic, however with the patented design, they look just like normal thongs.

Once you get used to them, you will never want to take them off your feet and you won’t be wearing ‘normal thongs’.