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    Archies Thongs are unisex Thongs, we do not have a separate size system for men and women. Archies Thongs sizing runs very true to your normal US running shoe size (for both men and women), so we suggest to select that for your size.

    If you are often different sizes in different brands, or if you have any doubts as to which size to choose and or you simply want to confirm your size selection, then we suggest to measure your foot length using the instructions below and check the recommended corresponding size via the Archies Thongs size conversion chart.  

    Please click here for instructions on the best method to accurately measure your foot length



    The sizes that are marked on the bottom of the thong are unisex sizes. E.g – If you order a Unisex 7 (Size US Men’s 7 / US Women’s 8), the thong you will receive will be marked with the unisex sizes (US 7 UK 6 EURO 40), however, it will be the exact equivalent of the women’s size (US 8 UK 5.5 EURO 39).