You deserve to feel comfortable and supported. 

That's why we're very proud to stock Sécra sandals. Designed by Physio therapist and creator of Archies Footwear, Daniel Jones.

Sécra sandals are equipped with the same amount of support you would find in a typical orthotic. It gives you optimal foot posture, reducing stress and strain on your body.

Now you can have it all - extreme comfort, support, and style.


Features & Benefits

ARCH SUPPORT - The footbed comes with up to 2.2cm of arch support. This arch support encourages better foot posture, aiding whole body alignment, increasing comfort and calmness throughout your body.

FOOTBED - This unique feature allows for long-lasting shock absorbency, providing you with extreme comfort and limiting the stress and strain that would otherwise be transferred to the vital structures of the lower body.

ELEVATED HEEL - The elevated heel reduces the load on the calf and Achilles tendon. This may help to alleviate tightness and tiredness caused by being on your feet all day.